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About Our Owner

The General Manager of Futurescape is Bob Niebanck. Bob graduated from Cook College, Rutgers University, in May of 1981 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Design. Environmental design is a course of study that is divided between horticulture and landscape architecture. Bob also possesses a valid N.J.D.E.P, a commercial pesticide applicator's license.

Bob started out in the landscape and masonry business at the age of 11. He started his own lawn maintenance business with six lawns that he maintained every Saturday. After school each day, he also worked for a masonry contractor, learning various skills.

At the age of 18, Bob had a growing business that involved small landscape installation jobs. By the time he graduated from Cook College, Bob had formed New View Landscape Contractors, Inc., which was already a full time business. In 1983, Bob took on a partner; in November of 1990, he and his partner split, and Bob later formed Futurescape in July of 1992.

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